Jesse Kelly-Oct 12

Jesse Kelly is great. We all know this. But what makes this the best show ever? How about Jason Whitlock? He’ll join Jesse to discuss the woke mob canceling NFL coach Jon Gruden as well as NBA-star Kyrie Irving standing up to anti-science mandates. Then, Jesse will be joined by Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was recently arrested for holding church ceremonies in Canada. Could those kinds of restrictions be coming here? That’s the question that will be answered. If you thought that wasn’t enough, how about Five For Fighting making an appearance? John Ondrasik talks about his new song, which slams Joe Biden and the woke generals for their miserable Afghanistan withdrawal. Speaking of woke generals, we also have a SUPER edition of This Week In Wokeism. And to top it all off, Jesse reveals how to make the best burger ever.

I’m Right with Jesse Kelly | 10-12-21