Jesse Kelly-07-23-21

It’s a good thing we’re in the digital age, because the Left has re-written the climate catastrophe narrative so many different ways over the years, that their paper consumption would have killed half the Amazon rainforest by now. The anti-American Left would have you believe that we are the deniers. The truth is that there is nothing more patriotic than caring for our wilderness and environment. The climate hysteria dogma, on the other hand, is truly wicked: it seeks to consolidate capital and power into the hands of a few, at the global level. It seeks to confiscate individual liberty, prosperity, and deny us a human existence. And it’s not as if these elites even play by the rules they impose on us. Jesse Kelly’s panel of climate realists: Marc Morano, author of ‘Green Fraud,’ Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace (!), and Joel Griffith from Heritage speak truth to hot air!