Giving A Voice to the Citizens of New York

What the government and these experts have failed to realize is that people are not necessarily anti-vaccine; They just simply have questions regarding the vaccine that have not been answered honestly. Yet, the government has continuously bullied Americans into getting the vaccine, or else…Mothers not able to provide for their children, healthcare workers fired, servicemen and women on the verge of being discharged from the military, and teachers let go, all in the name of the COVID-19 vaccine. Chairperson of the Black Lives Matter Greater NY, Hawk Newsome, joins Dana to discuss people how he is representing the black community and uplifting them in their skepticism of the vaccine and letting their voices be heard. He and Dana also delve into the blurred lines between those supporting Kyrie Irving, but not standing up for Colin Kaepernick, as well as how he is the leading the path forward with Black Opportunities, to empower black communities through a more holistic approach.