GEORGE SOROS EXPOSED: A First TV Supporter Exclusive

There was a time when just whispering the name George Soros, as even remotely connected to the downfall of our country, would get you in trouble.

You were surely a bigot or a hater… Soros is a philanthropist, didn’t you know?!

It would take decades for the truth to be heard: that Soros is a monster, misanthrope, and quite possibly the most potent saboteur of the American way of life. The billionaire globalist has made his intentions quite clear, leveraging his assets to finance D.A. races across the country.

His woke prosecutor beneficiaries have executed his vision of creating a lawless society, ruled by criminals. But there is so much more damage Soros would like to do.

Jesse and his super-premium panel investigate and expose the Truth about George Soros.

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