EXPOSING Military Injustice

There needs to be an internal change in our military, including that of the elitist attitudes of our U.S. military leaders. These woke military leaders, like General Mark Milley, moved up in the ranks by being yes men, and by lying to the American people and the Presidents of the United States of America. Milley, along with many others, did not EARN their way to the top. With that being said, the question still remains: Are there any good leaders in our military nowadays? It seems that those who actually stand up for what is right, like Lt. Col. Scheller did, get punished and thrown in the brig. Thankfully, he was recently released, but it goes to show people who speak the truth and say exactly what others are thinking, are the only ones being held accountable. Co-Founder of Pipe Hitter Foundation, Co-Author of “The Man in the Arena,” and Decorated Navy SEAL, Eddie Gallagher, helped get Lt. Col. Scheller out of the brig, and he is on the show today to share his thoughts on the woke rot that is infiltrating our military.