WOKE EDUCATION: Footage Shows Young Female Student Forced to Dance With Man Dressed as a Cheerleader

The First’s Jesse Kelly revealed shocking footage during his program Monday night that showed young girls being forced to dance with a grown male performer dressed as a cheerleader at an elite Miami Private School.

“These people, the communists, the cultural Marxists are in an all-out war for your children. That’s not me trying to scare you. They want your children badly. Communists, from the beginning of mankind, have talked about this,” said Kelly.

“There’s a school in Miami… It is $40,000 per child to go to this school,” he added. “The school hangs Black Lives Matter flags, Pride Flags, the parents are now aware of it… A 15-year-old was brought up on stage to dance with a black-male dancer dressed up like a cheerleader.”

A whistleblower reached out to @JesseKellyDC and sounded the alarm on Miami Country Day school in Florida.

Watch Kelly’s comments above.