EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Robert Malone Unveils His New Book ‘Lies My Gov’t Told Me’ on ‘The Dana Show’

Dana Loesch was joined by Dr. Robert Malone on ‘The Dana Show’ Friday, where the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform discussed medical mandates, various covid treatments, and his upcoming book about government lies and corruption.

“What is the goal of all of this? Is it to get to a point of herd immunity…? Or is it to make sure that everyone is vaccinated?” asked Loesch.

“Or is it to sell vaccines? I don’t know,” said Malone. “There’s many studies and new data that the naturally immune are better protected than they are with the vaccines.”

“Somebody is going to have to write a book about all the lies the government told us. I’m glad to announce for the first time on your program that I’m writing that book! ‘Lies My Government Told Me’ is the new volume,” he added. “We’re looking forward to putting this out!”

Watch Malone on ‘The Dana Show’ above.