Dems Impose Anti-Science Vaccine Mandates

Protestors recently took to the streets of New York and stormed the Barclay’s Center in support of Nets Guard Kyrie Irving, who is banned from the team because he has chosen not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine mandates are costing good people jobs. Single mothers, police officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers are all getting fired for standing up for their personal freedom by choosing not to get jabbed. Children are soon not going to be allowed at school, unless they get the vaccine. How is this even legal? Whatever happened to natural immunity? Why have exemptions always been allowed for other vaccines, but not for the COVID-19 vaccine? This is not about science; It’s about government overreach. Chairperson of the Black Lives Matter Greater NY, Hawk Newsome, joins Dana to shares his stance on the vaccine, as he discusses how he has taken destiny into his own hands in the fight against the government’s vaccine mandate overreach and the right to refuse.