WATCH: Nebraska Governor Tells Dana Loesch the President’s Conservation Plan is a Giant ‘Land Grab’

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts spoke with Dana Loesch on ‘No Apologies’ this week to weigh-in on President Joe Biden’s so-called ‘30×30 plan’, labeling the entire operation one big federal “land grab” by un-elected bureaucrats in Washington.

“Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is on a mission to stop Joe Biden’s 30×30 plan. This is purportedly about fighting climate change and conserving land, but it looks more like a federal land grab,” said Loesch.

“It is absolutely a land grab!” fired-back the Governor. “The 30×30 plan refers to having 30% of the United States’ land and water in a permanent state of natural conservation by the year 2030. About 12% of our land is in that category right now… The problems are numerous.”

“The President has no authority to do this. What about states like Nebraska where 97% of our land is privately owned? Are you planning on confiscating land?” he asked.

“There is a significant percentage of land that’s already federally regulated. The people who best know this land are the farmers and ranchers, not these bureaucrats,” concluded Loesch.

Watch Governor Ricketts on ‘No Apologies’ above.