COVID Kids: The Unspoken Collateral Damage

It’s one thing to use adults as lab rats in a sinister, cynical social experiment. It’s quite another to bring children into the equation. But that’s what bureaucrat public ‘health’ officials like Tony Fauci, Leftist politicians, and teachers’ union bosses have opted for. Remote learning is/was a disaster. Forcing children to wear masks, remain physically distant, and obsessively clean has already done a number on them psychologically. And then there are those who didn’t make it — not because of the virus, but because they committed suicide. As for their learning: it’s too soon to measure how much of a setback they’ve suffered. But as each day passes, it gets exponentially worse. Dr. Nan Hayworth, The Federalist’s Joy Pullman, and Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck join Mike for a lesson on the unspoken collateral damage.