China’s Quest for World Domination

The CCP’s goal is to overtake the United States in every aspect, whether it be diplomatically, economically, or in the military perspective. The belt and road initiative is China’s way of spreading their economic power, by investing in certain infrastructure in countries that are economically strapped for money. This all supports the CCP, because they come in to countries like Central America, South America, as well as Africa, take control of the ports, and then they become indebted to the CCP. The CCP is doing it across the country and in different hemispheres. This plan then downgrades America’s Democracy. Chad Wolf, Chairman at the Center for Homeland Security & Immigration, sits down with Slater on this special episode, to bring us all the important details on China’s quest for world domination with the belt and road initiative, and why America needs to step up and be more aggressive towards it.