Children Used as Guinea Pigs for the COVID Vaccine

We must ask ourselves: Are we a good country? This week, it was revealed that a FDA panel of advisors are planning to recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages five to eleven years old. In Blue States, Governors are going to require your child to take the COVID-19 vaccine, or they will not allowed to attend little league games, schools, etc. So, let’s get this straight: They are forcing your child to get jabbed, yet these so-called experts have no idea what the risks or side effects are going to be. They are using your children as lab rats. This is monstrous, and it is disgusting. A Doctor went as far as slamming the FDA for approving the vaccine for kids, and even laid out the reasons AGAINST kids getting vaccinated. The most horrendous story comes out of Florida, where parents say officials at a public school sent their seven-year-old non-verbal special needs daughter home with a mask tied to her head and neck with a nylon rope. These mandates and actions to enforce these mandates are becoming abusive and near-criminal. Again, Jesse Kelly wants you to ask yourself: Are we a good country?