WOLF: Biden’s Broken Border & Haitian Migrants

Between the Biden administration’s mixed messaging and failed policies, migrants have now taken advantage of the opportunity to come into the United States, which is why we are seeing a surge at the border, with these illegal migrants coming in excess of 200,000 individuals a month. In addition, the odds of them actually getting to STAY in the country are far more likely, which has migrants and cartels taking chances and facilitating their entries into the U.S. like never before. Chairman for AFPI’s Center for Homeland Security & Immigration, America First Policy Institute, Chad Wolf, sits down with Slater to discuss how these Haitian migrants were able to get to Del Rio, Texas in the first place, and why these migrants are not asylum seekers, but are here for job opportunities and the economic system. Chad also shares the ‘true story’ on the border patrol horses, as the ridiculous horse whip lie has been pushed around by various media outlets and Radical Leftists.