Biden’s Betrayal in Afghanistan Will Live in Infamy

Biden’s Afghanistan blunder was so epically bad that no one could have seen this coming. Biden not only abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, but he betrayed twenty years of warfighters, our U.S. military heroes, families, Veterans, and even our Afghan allies. We now have our allies talking behind our back, asking what happened to America, as our leaders are showing themselves as weak and inept, severely damaging our relationships around the world. Biden legitimized the Taliban. He gave them U.S. military weaponry, money, all while risking the safety of our country. This truly shows how the Left really has no love of country, and how their policies are destroying America. Host of This Is My Show with Drew Berquist’ and Former Counterterrorism Officer, Drew Berquist, joins the show to discuss how Biden’s betrayal in Afghanistan will live in infamy, as well as how Pakistan plays into this foreign disaster.