Do whatever you must to keep your children away from METAverse (the erstwhile Facebook). That is Mike Slater’s warning to parents of young kids who haven’t yet become addicted to the digital universe. Quite simply: Big Tech is playing a long-game, by rules they are writing…and at lightspeed. As we’ve learned, Tech would love nothing more than to organize, warehouse, control, and profit from those of us who live in the physical, 3-D world. If maniacal globalists such as Zuckerberg acquire more power over your impressionable kids, he’ll literally be able to imprison their minds in his world. Think about the nihilistic assault we’ve been subject to over the past 2 years, from the transgender agenda, to the attack on faith, to climate hysteria. Everything boils down to stopping humanity from living free, prospering, and procreating. This is only the beginning of Tech’s trans-humanist ambitions. It’s up to us to make sure Meta never succeeds.