America’s Safety and Security at Risk

Defunding the police is not working out well for the Democrats. The funding that was taken away from our police units, do you know where that money went? The Democrats used that money for their own safety and security. We are not talking about a few thousand dollars, here. We are talking astronomical amounts of money going to these Democrats, instead of protecting our cities. Between the increase in violence across the country, officers quitting the force in droves, cities failing to recruit new ones; Our cities are being given away to criminals. Charles Marino, Former Secret Service Special Agent, sits down with Jesse Kelly for his special, to discuss how the ‘defund the police’ movement that people followed is all turning out to be one big, bad idea. Are the Dems going to face backlash when it comes time for elections? Are people finally waking up and seeing what’s happening across our country? Charles Marino has the answers to all our questions.