WATCH: Top Biden Advisor Won’t Commit to Full School Re-Openings This Fall

Senior Biden Advisor Anita Dunn threw more cold-water on American parents’ hopes their children can return to the classroom this fall; saying the administration doesn’t have a “crystal ball” about the future of the pandemic.

“If you recall, a couple of months ago, the president made the announcement that we were going to have a special supply of vaccine dedicated precisely for this reason. Now, he said probably. He didn’t say absolutely,” Dunn said.

“But, given the science, if the vaccination program in this country proceeds, if people do go get their vaccines — he does believe that schools should be able to reopen in September, and reopen safely, following the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines,” Dunn added. “But he said probably. He  did not say absolutely, because we have all seen this since, unfortunately, January of 2020. It’s an unpredictable virus.

“We can’t look in a crystal ball and say what September looks like,” Dunn said.

Watch the revealing comments above.