Watch Saint Fauci Squirm When Asked Why COVID Cases in Texas Are Falling Without Mask Mandates

Doctor Anthony Fauci clammed-up Tuesday when he was asked point-blank why cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations are dropping in Texas weeks after the Governor lifted all Coronavirus restrictions.

“You mentioned Texas and that full ballpark yesterday. There was a lot of concern when Texas opened up and dropped all those restrictions,” said an anchor from MSNBC. “Yet, we’ve seen cases and hospitalizations continue to tick downward. What do you make of that?”  

“You know, it can be confusing! Because you may see a lag, or a delay. Often you’ll have to wait a few weeks… There are a lot of things that go into that!” deflected Fauci. “I’m not really quite sure. It could be that they’re doing things outdoors…”

Watch St. Fauci above.