WATCH ROGAN TORCH TRUDEAU: ‘You’re Demonizing People With No Evidence’

The can’t-be-canceled Joe Rogan spoke about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience; Rogan in responding to Trudeau’s recent comments, says the PM is “demonizing” the unvaccinated citizens in his country.

“The way Trudeau talks about people who are unvaccinated … he said they were misogynists and racists,” Rogan said to “The Joe Rogan Experience” guest Dave Smith.

“You’re in the demonized class all of a sudden,” Smith replied, according to Post Millennial.

“You are deciding — you’re taking people that have a perspective on a medical intervention, and you’re deciding that you’re gonna demonize them in the worst possible ways, with no evidence,” Rogan said.

“And, isn’t it something that so many of these people, like, say, the nurses who are unvaccinated, the truck drivers who don’t like the mandates — that they were the heroes?” Smith noted, to Rogan’s agreement. “These were the ‘essential workers,’ the health care workers. These were the people — in New York City, they were clapping at 6 p.m. everyday for these workers. And those same — there’ll be nurses who worked for a year-and-a-half of the pandemic, and they didn’t wanna get the shot, and now, all of a sudden, ‘You’re outta there! Sorry, hero!’”