WATCH: Reporter BLASTS Biden for Filibuster Flip-Flop, Psaki Says Rule Now ‘Racist’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki scrambled to answer questions surrounding President Biden’s previous support of the filibuster, finally claiming the procedural trick is used to “allow systematic racism in this country.”

“The President said he thinks the filibuster is a legacy of the Jim Crow era. Did he think that in 2005 when he defended the filibuster?” asked one journalist.

“One of the things he talked about yesterday was that between 1917 and 1971 the filibuster was used about 58 times. Last year alone it was used five times that many. It’s being abused!” said Psaki.

“It is oppressing. It’s allowing for systematic racism in the country,” she added.

Watch the fiery exchange above.