WATCH: Raw Footage of Greta Thunberg Being ‘Arrested’ in Germany Shows it Was All Staged

On Tuesday we reported that Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg was detained by police while taking part in a demonstration against the expansion of a coal mine in Luetzerath, an abandoned village in western Germany. Just a day later, video has emerged that shows the whole ordeal was likely a farce.

Watch below:

 In the newly surfaced video, the 20-year-old can be seen laughing with officers prior to being taken into custody. Fox News describes the scene:

During the purported photo-up, video shows Thunberg smiling and laughing with who appears to be another protester. One officer, clad in riot gear and a helmet, has Thunberg by the arm, while another stands next to her with his hands clasped in front of him. A third officer laughs along with them. 

Thunberg falls quiet and serious as a photographer snaps pictures of her and the officers standing still. In the background, a large line of riot officers is seen standing in a line some distance away. Several photographers swarm around Thunberg as two officers then lead her toward a parking lot. 

According to police, Thunberg was released after brief detention.