WATCH OUT! Buttigieg Says He and Biden ‘Mad’ About High Gas Prices

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg issued a dire warning to America this week; saying he and President Biden are very “mad” about record high gas prices.

“Well, look, he one group of people that we see who are actually happy about what is happening with gas prices are oil company executives and owners,” Buttigieg said. “We’ve seen them out there saying they’re not going to increase production. Why would they when they’re this profitable?”

“What I’m saying is, when it comes to these sky-high gas prices, drivers are mad about it, I’m mad about it. The president is mad about it. Oil companies are thrilled because this is good news for them. And I think when the incentives are that divided between them and the American people, it’s very important for Congress to do everything it can to ensure the consumers are protected. That’s all we’re saying with this use it or lose it idea,” he said.

“I feel like we’ve presented multiple reasons,” he added. “One of them clearly is Putin’s war of aggression. You have a country that goes to war that is affecting markets. We think the behavior of oil companies is another reason….”