WATCH McCONNELL SHRED BIDEN: He’s Become Bernie Sanders, Americans Don’t Like What’s Going On

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had some harsh words for the President following Joe’s marathon presser this week; the Minority Leader stopped by Fox News to share his thoughts.

McConnell responded to Biden’s accusation that the Minority Leader is standing in his way.

“Well, my good friend the president got it wrong once again,” McConnell responded. “I helped him pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. I supported in the Senate a bill to deal with China and the computer chip shortage. If the president starts acting like a moderate, like he campaigned, we can do business. The reason we have not been speaking recently, this year, is because he adopted the Bernie Sanders prescription for America. He did that even though he got no mandate for it, a 50/50 Senate and a couple-of-seat majority in the House. And they couldn’t get it through.”

“And the reason I couldn’t get it through, the American people are not for all of this,” he added. “They thought they were electing a moderate. If the president wants to reinvent himself and come back to the middle, we have things to talk about that we can work on together.”

McConnell also believes the Democrats will suffer huge losses during the midterms.

“I think the midterm election almost certainly is going to be a referendum on the party in power,” McConnell said. “This is an entirely Democratic government, Democratic president, House, and Senate. They are in charge of governing. And these midterm elections are always a report card on the performance of those who are in charge, those who are governing. I think the American people are about to send this administration a pretty big message that they do not approve of all the things that are going wrong.”