WATCH: Kamala Bungles Border Question, Says Migrants Don’t Want to Leave Their Grandmothers

“You are working on fighting the root causes of immigration in Central America. So far, we haven’t seen a reduction in the number of immigrants coming to the US, we’ve seen an increase. What has gone wrong?” asked one reporter.

“So, I believe very strongly, and approach the work that we’re doing to address the root causes of irregular migration, I believe very strongly… Most people don’t want to leave home. They don’t want to leave the place where they grew up… They don’t want to leave their grandmother,” said the Vice President.

“They cannot simply stay and take care of the basic needs of their families… I’m approaching our root causes work with that spirit. Understanding, that in particular, the countries in Central America… What we must do is help address the reasons people are leaving,” she added.

Watch Harris’ comments above.