WATCH: ‘Easter Bunny’ Forcibly Drags Biden Away When He Starts Talking About Afghanistan

The Easter Bunny provided some much-needed guidance for President Biden at the annual White House Easter Egg Event, dragging the Commander-in-Chief away when he began discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Pakistan should not, uh… and Afghanistan, uhh, should be free, the people…” stammered Biden.

The identity of the bunny appeared to be senior White House Press Assistant Angela Perez.

The President also struggled to read from a children’s book.

“I’m going to quickly read ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear,’” said First Lady Jill Biden.

“They’re not going to let me read at all,” interrupted the President.

“I’ll let you… Here, you can start us off,” added Dr. Biden. “Can you?”

“Can I read backwards?” asked the President. “Now, you’ve got it.”