WATCH: Dutch Reporter Dragged Away by Communist Agents While Broadcasting Live from the Olympics

A Dutch reporter was apparently dragged away by Communist Agents during a live broadcast from the 2022 Winter Olympics this week.

The incident was caught on camera and went viral on social media within minutes.

“A Dutch reporter covering the Beijing Winter Olympics was captured being dragged away by Chinese security live on air, before the opening ceremony could even finish.

Sjoerd den Daas, a correspondent for NOS Journaal, was covering the long-awaited opening of games in Chinawhen a man wearing a red armband entered the frame and grabbed the journalist by the shoulders,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The interruption came from a man wearing a black jacket and a red band around the sleeve which appears to distinguish him a ‘Public Security Volunteer’, a citizen-led neighbourhood watch established to help police maintain order,” adds the newspaper.

Watch the frightening moment above.