WAR on REALITY: Senior Biden Advisor Redefines Meaning of ‘Bipartisan’ as GOP Says ‘No’ to Spending

A senior advisor to President Joe Biden conveniently redefined the meaning of the word “Bipartisan” in recent days as Republicans jump ship on the administration’s massive new spending spree.

“If you looked up ‘bipartisan’ in the dictionary, I think it would say support from Republicans and Democrats,” senior Biden adviser Anita Dunn told the Washington Post. “It doesn’t say the Republicans have to be in Congress.”

“I think it’s a pretty good definition to say you’re pursuing an agenda that will unite the country, that will bring Democrats and Republicans together across the country,” another insider told the Post. “Presumably, if you have an agenda that is broadly popular with Democrats and Republicans across the country, then you should have elected representatives reflecting that.”

“When I wrote it, everybody said I had no bipartisan support. We’re overwhelming bipartisan support with Republican – registered Republican voters,” Biden said. “And ask around. If you live in a town with a Republican mayor, a Republican county executive, or a Republican governor, ask them how many would rather get rid of the plan. Ask them if it helped them at all,” added the President.

h/t Fox News