WAR ON PARENTS: School Board Pres Kept Oppo on Anti-CRT Parents, Included Social Security Numbers, Divorce Papers

Is Arizona the new Virginia?

According to reports from Fox News, Mark Greenburg, a school board president in Arizona, kept “an extensive opposition-research-style dossier of parents who spoke up at school board meetings on issues ranging from COVID-19 restrictions to critical race theory.”

Now, more than 600 parents are demanding his resignation.

“The president, or possibly his father, appears to have kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings — a dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screenshots of Facebook posts,” Fox added.

Greenburg kept the information on his father’s Google Drive – his father says he has nothing to do with the information. “I categorically deny having anything to do with any of this,” Jann-Michael Greenburg told the Independent.

The drive contains 18 folders of incredibly sensitive information, including photographs, license plate numbers, mortgage information, divorce information and more.

It also refers to the parents as “wackos.”