‘WALT ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE’: Cotton Blasts Disney, ‘Spare Us Moral Outrage,’ You’re In Bed With China

It’s all posturing, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) says of Disney’s “moral outrage” over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill; Cotton unloaded on Disney and its executives in a series of tweets this week.

“Disney is a charter member of the China lobby, so its liberal corporate executives can spare us the moral outrage about protecting our kids from indoctrination,” the lawmaker tweeted on Friday morning. “Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave at the clowns running his company.”

“Disney publicly thanked the Chinese Communist Party officials running concentration camps in Xinjiang. And now Disney is lecturing parents about what’s appropriate to teach kindergarteners?” he pointed out earlier this week. “What a joke.”

According to the Daily Wire, “On Tuesday night, Christopher Rufo released several videos from a recent ‘all-hands’ Disney staff meeting to discuss the legislation — dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’ by progressive media — as well as Disney’s efforts to push progressive ideas of sexuality on their young audience. According to the footage, one executive producer said that she was easily able to implement her ‘not-at-all secret gay agenda’ in one show, while another Disney manager discussed the company’s move to drop ‘gendered greetings’ from theme park experiences.”