VOIGHT BACKS TRUMP: ‘Did They Ever Attack Obama’s Home? or the Clintons?’

Legendary Hollywood actor Jon Voight is back with another message for Americans: wake up.

Voight shared a video on social media, asking Americans to closely examine what’s happening with the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

“My fellow Americans —can we all speak truths so we can see the lie that was brought upon our President Trump? And the ones who once were on his side, are now finding wrong with the documents: can we all see this lie? Did they ever attack Obama’s home or the Clintons?”

“President Trump knows that the swamp is all lies —and he once drowned them.”

“Wake up, America —see this lie…the deceit will surely die.”

Trump shared the video on TRUTH Social, saying “Thank you to a great and wonderful man.”

Watch the clip below: