VIOLENCE ERUPTS IN THE BIG APPLE: Adams Fumes As Shootings Spike, Calls for Return to ‘Broken Windows’ Policies

According to reports form the New York Post, NYC Mayor Eric Adams is telling his police force behind closed doors that they aren’t doing enough after last weekend’s two dozen shooting incidents.

Now, Adams is calling for more cops on the streets and a return to “broken windows” policies.

“Adams summoned Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell and Chief of Department Kenneth Corey to City Hall on Tuesday to answer for the surge in bloodshed that left 29 people wounded ahead of his planned news conference on the NYPD’s new anti-gun units, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday,” the Post reported.

“Immediately afterward, Corey convened an emergency conference call with top-ranking officers from the NYPD’s eight borough commands, 77 precincts, 12 transit districts, nine Housing Bureau service areas and the Detective Bureau, sources said.”

“He told us that he wants us to engage with quality-of-life infractions and criminals,” a Brooklyn supervisor said.

A source said Corey told the bosses: “You have a mayor and a police commissioner who support you, don’t squander this opportunity.”

“We’re going back to what works. This is exciting times,” he added.

The Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy describes Broken Window policing as, “[a] model of policing first described in 1982 in a seminal article by Wilson and Kelling. Briefly, the model focuses on the importance of disorder (e.g., broken windows) in generating and sustaining more serious crime. Disorder is not directly linked to serious crime; instead, disorder leads to increased fear and withdrawal from residents, which then allows more serious crime to move in because of decreased levels of informal social control.”