VILE: Educator Brags About Teaching ‘Queer Sex’ to Students in Project Veritas Video

Project Veritas has released a new video in which a high-ranking private school official is caught admitting that he teaches underage children about sex with items such as “butt-plugs” and “dildos.”

In the shocking video, Joseph Bruno, the Dean of Students at the elite Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, brags to a Project Veritas investigator about bringing the adult sex toys into classrooms and talking to his students about “queer sex.”

“So, I’ve been the Dean for four years. During Pride — we do a Pride Week every year — I had our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in [to the classroom],” Bruno says in the video. “They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students — talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit.”

Bruno also admits to having invited a Drag Queen to the school in the video, claiming the performer would “pass out cookies and brownies and do photos” with students.

You can check out the shocking video below: