VEEP TROUBLE: Kamala Underwater in New Poll, Nearly Half of Americans Can’t Stand VP

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows a plurality of American’s view Kamala Harris “very unfavorably.”

According to the Washington Times, “40% of likely voters have a favorable impression of Ms. Harris, compared to 56% of voters who view her unfavorably — including a whopping 47% who said they view her “very unfavorably.”

Harris’ office has been experiencing high turnover, with deputy chief of staff Michal Fuchs announcing his departure earlier this week. Harris has struggled to keep key staff members —supporting reports that her office is in turmoil.

Harris has tried numerous times to remake her image, even going as far as hiring image consultants late last year.

But nothing seems to be working with the American people.

The Washington Times shared the poll on Twitter:

“Nonetheless, she is a heartbeat away from the presidency and could emerge as a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination should President Biden opt against seeking a second term.”