VACANCY: Only 5 Migrants Staying in Mayor Adams’ Migrant Facility Built for 500

According to a report from The New York Post, the new migrant facilities built in New York City by Mayor Eric Adams and his administration seem to be going mostly unused; only 5 migrants are living there.

The place can handle up to 500.

From The New York Post:

Three men were dropped off Wednesday morning at the sprawling complex on Randall’s Island and were given COVID-19 tests in a section of one tent that’s being used to process new arrivals.

Those three additions pushed the total number that The Post has seen brought there to just five.

A worker confirmed the paltry number of residents, saying, “There’s just five so far.”

Adams ordered the three giant, white tents erected last month, one day before warning that the surge of migrants — which officially comprised more than 21,000 people as of Wednesday — could soon reach 75,000.

The complex was initially placed at the Orchard Beach parking lot in The Bronx but was relocated before construction was complete due to heavy rains that flooded the site.

All this waste is likely to cost taxpayers millions of dollars; estimates say The Orchard Beach site, which was being built to accommodate 1,000 people, was expected to cost $15 million a month to operate.

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