‘UN’COOL: Afghan Migrants Say UN Workers Gave Them Directions to U.S. Border

According to an exclusive Daily Caller report, UN workers are assisting migrants who are attempting to reach the United States’ southern border; “they gave us a map,” one Afghan migrant said.

“The United Nations and other aid groups are informing migrants from across the globe how to get to the United States to cross the border illegally, six migrants from Afghanistan told the Daily Caller News Foundation after they were apprehended in Guatemala,” DCNF reported.

“The migrants said that before they arrived in Guatemala that aid workers provided them with maps guiding them to Mexico so that they can reach the U.S. southern border. The men were six of 16 Afghans in the detention facility for foreign migrants in Guatemala City,” DCNF added.

“They give us a map,” one of the Afghan men said. “The map was up to Mexico. There was no United States. But they told how to cross these borders,” one of the Afghan migrants explained.

“But they told us how to go to the U.S. border,” he added.

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