UNCLE JOE’S TALL TALES: Watch Biden Tell Story About Helping an Old Woman Take Down a Gang

Even for Joe, this is a stretch.

In Wilkes-Barres, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, President Biden delivered an incredibly strange speech about keeping communities safer; Joe said he once helped an old woman take down a gang.

According to The Daily Wire, “while discussing the need for police officers to be known within their community, the president said he remembered going into the East Side of Wilmington, ‘in one of those old Victorian two, three-story apartment buildings and going up to see a woman, whose name — she’s passed away but won’t mention her name now — and stand in that rotunda, that part that stuck out around the building. And she said, ‘Joey, I know. I know what’s going on. They all plan it downstairs. I can hear them, but I’m afraid to tell anybody. I’m afraid to tell anybody. The gangs.’”

“And so I got a phone number, I got a phone number for the local cops. She called they promised not to identify her because I knew there’d be retribution, and the crime rate began to drop for real, not a joke,” he added.

Watch a clip from the bizarre story below: