UNCLE JOE’S STORYTIME: Biden Claims to Have Spoken to the Inventor of Insulin?

While speaking about Social Security, Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs in Hallandale Beach, Florida, President Biden made a bizarre claim about speaking to the inventor of insulin.

“[Insulin] was invented by a man who did not patent it because he wanted it available to everyone —I spoke to him,” Biden said.

Zach Parkinson at RNC Research shared the clip along with a few interesting facts.

“This is bizarre for several reasons: Insulin was discovered by more than one person (two or three or four depending on how you want to credit). It was patented (the patent was sold for $1 to the University of Toronto). Those co-discoverers died in 1935, 1941, 1965, & 1978,” Parkinson tweeted.

Watch the clip below: