TX GOV: ‘Since Biden Won’t Visit the Border, We’ll Take the Border to Him’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott doubled down on his promise to send Biden migrants north to Washington D.C., so President Biden can see the chaos is border policies are having first hand.

Abbott shared the following on Twitter:

“President Biden refuses to come to the southern border to see the chaos he has created. So, we’re taking the border to him. Texas will be transporting illegal immigrants to the U.S. Capitol.”

In addition to migrant transports to D.C., Abbott shared part of his larger immigration crackdown strategy:

While Biden continues to FAIL America with his open border policies, Texas is taking UNPRECEDENTED action to secure our state & country.

➡️ Enhanced vehicle inspections @ points of entry
➡️ Charter buses to send illegal immigrants to DC
➡️ Boat blockades

More to come.