TWITTER TROLLS ‘REHIRED’: Musk Shares Pic of ‘Rehired’ Actors Who Pretended to Be Fired Employees

Twitter CEO Elon Musk jokingly “rehired” Twitter trolls Ligma & Johnson —two actors who trolled mainstream media outlets pretending to be fired Twitter engineers after Musk’s takeover.

From The Daily Caller:

Two San Francisco men, who identified themselves as “Rahul Ligma” and “Daniel Johnson,” stood outside Twitter’s headquarters amid mass layoffs and pretended to be fired employees.

CNBC’s Deidra Bosa posted interviews with both men, captioned “entire team of data engineers let go. These are two of them.”

The men, however, were pranksters, with the combination of the names “Johnson,” a euphemism for phallus, and “Ligma,” the setup to a crude joke, prompting Twitter users to identify the men as fakes.

Musk, however, joined in on the joke, welcoming the employees back after he received slack over other layoffs.

“Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!” Musk tweeted alongside a photo of him and the two imposters, smiling with their thumbs up.