TWITTER PURGE! Pundits, Celebs Delete Posts Pushing ‘White Supremacist Shooter’ Narrative

Blue check liberals are rushing to delete their tweets after rushing to push a “white shooter” narrative that fell apart after the alleged killer’s identity was revealed.

Rob Smith eviscerates the “journalists” who push misinformation to push a racially divisive narrative.

Meena Harris -the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris-
tweeted then subsequently deleted a post claiming “violent white men are the
greatest terrorist threat to our country” following the deadly shooting in

“The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white
men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country,” posted Harris.

“I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder
shooting. I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and
the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by
white men,” she later clarified.

The suspect behind the rampage was named by police as
21-year-old Ahmar al-Aliwi al-Issa.