TURBULENCE: Migrants Attack ICE Officials and Flight Crew on Deportation Flights

Deportation has begun for more than 15,000 Hatian migrants camped underneath the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas – and it’s not going smoothly at all. Multiple news outlets are reporting attacks on ICE agents and flight crew members.

According to the Washington Examiner, two Haitian migrants are accused of biting federal law enforcement officers on a deportation flight while the plane was taxiing down the runway; the plane was forced to turn around. Federal assault charges will be brought against the migrants.

NBC news is reporting, “a separate incident, [where] several Haitians assaulted the pilots and injured three ICE officials after a flight carrying only male migrants landed in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.”

“Another flight had to be cancelled Monday when migrants became ‘disruptive’ and started ‘fighting personnel’ on the plane,” the New York Post reports.

So far, The Department of Homeland Security has deported 1,401 migrants of the 15,000 camped underneath the bridge in Del Rio. Now, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is considering using Guantanamo Bay as a migrant holding facility.

Dana Loesch shared the story on Twitter, saying “Imagine if Trump did this.”