TULSI TRASHES JOE: Biden ‘Anti-Liberty,’ ‘We Must Stand Up Against This’

Tulsi’s back to torch Joe. Gabbard has been very vocal as of late when it comes to the Biden regime’s anti-democratic policies —specifically its treating everyday Americans as domestic terrorists. “We must stand up against this,” Gabbard said in a Fox News interview.

“We have the Deputy Attorney General of the United States speaking to the American people about how they are standing up a domestic terrorism unit to support their efforts to target those who hold anti-government or anti-authority ideologies,” Gabbard said during the interview.

“When we stop and think about that for a second, what does that really mean? The authorities in our government, the Biden administration, are targeting Americans for holding anti-authority views. That is authoritarianism,” she added.

Gabbard shared the interview on her Twitter account with the following message:

“Biden’s new policy of directing a domestic terrorism unit to target those who have an ‘anti-authority’ or ‘anti-government’ attitude exposes their anti-liberty/anti-democracy mindset. We must all stand up against this, regardless of our political party.”