TULSI TORCHES GREAT RESET: ‘A Totalitarian Dream That Must Be Condemned By Us All’

Former congresswoman and Democratic candidate for president Tulsi Gabbard blasted the World Economic Forum’s agenda, imploring all Americans to join together in rebuking the “totalitarian dream” put forth by the elites gathered at Davos.

“While we struggle to afford food and fuel, the elite gathered at Davos/WEF to discuss how we should be allowed to live our lives. Their totalitarian dream of a so-called ‘Great Reset’ where people own nothing and are tracked/monitored with every step, must be condemned by us all,” Gabbard tweeted.

While the majority of lawmakers refuse to comment on the Great Reset, some are sharing their opposition to the WEF dream.

“We must stop the Great Reset and defund the WHO,” says Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).