TUCKER RETURNS! Carlson Debuts Highly Anticipated Program on Twitter

In a much-awaited comeback, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his return to the spotlight with the launch of his Twitter show, aptly titled “Tucker on Twitter.” The inaugural episode, which aired on Tuesday evening, saw Carlson delivering a 10-minute monologue reminiscent of his former Fox program, captivating audiences with a range of contentious topics.

Watch the inaugural “Tucker on Twitter” below:

Diving straight into the heart of current events, Carlson first addressed the recent dam explosion in Ukraine, a subject that has sparked international interest and speculation, suggested that the Ukrainian government may be involved in the sabotage. Furthermore, Carlson took a swipe at President Volodymyr Zelensky, referring to him as “rat-like.”

Carlson also covered a diverse range of subjects throughout the episode, including UFOs, gender theory, and Jeffrey Epstein. The former Fox News host close out the episode by promising “much more, very soon.”

The launch of Carlson’s Twitter show marks a significant shift in the media landscape, as traditional television personalities adapt to the evolving digital age. With his influential and polarizing presence, Tucker Carlson’s return is certain to draw both acclaim and criticism, reigniting debates on the role of media in shaping public opinion.