TRUMP TO JOIN CLAY & BUCK: 45 Will Be The Radio Duo’s First Guest

Clay and Buck and Trump.

Former President Donald Trump is set to join the boys on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show to discuss whatever’s on his mind – including recent missteps made by the current administration.

Here’s Clay and Buck teasing Trump’s appearance, which will air June 29th.

CLAY: A little bit of news, by the way. We’ll tease this later today as well as tomorrow. But Tuesday we are scheduled to be joined — you might notice that we have not had a single guest so far. We are scheduled to be joined by President Trump on this program on Tuesday. He will be the first guest that we have had, and we are excited about that. I think you guys will enjoy that as well; so that is coming up next week. Early tease going on there.

BUCK: Kamala Harris, vice president, is down at the border. I think it’s quite clear that this is in part because Trump is going next week, and, as Clay mentioned, we have right now scheduled the former president to join us the day before his trip. He will be our first official guest here on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. We’re gonna have a really — Clay and I both talked to him last year on our respective shows. We’re gonna have a lot of fun talking to 45 when that all comes up. You know what? Never boring. Always interesting and entertaining. That’s one thing you can guarantee with Trump.

Listen to the breakout here: Don’t Miss It! President Trump Will Be Our First Guest Ever On Tuesday!