TRUMP TAKES CPAC: ‘We Have to Win an Earth-Shattering Victory in 2022’

Former President Donald Trump made a powerful speech Saturday night to the nation’s conservatives, stressing the importance of winning big during this year’s midterm elections.

“We have to win an Earth-shattering victory in 2022,” Trump said. “Winning this election needs to be a national referendum on the horrendous catastrophes radical Democrats have inflicted on our country.”

From Newsmax:

Republicans need to campaign on a “clear pledge” that they can “shut down the border, stop the crime, the inflation, and hold the Biden administration accountable.”

“Job number one,” he added, will be for Congress to “restore public safety.” 

“People are walking outside and getting shot in the head,” said Trump. “Because of the radical left’s merciless crusade to dismantle law enforcement in America, our country is now a cesspool of crime that it has never been before.

“Everybody is talking about it, other countries are talking about it. You had seven people killed in Chicago this weekend. You had 68 people shot. That is not democracy, that is not what we stand for.”

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