TRUMP ON CLAY & BUCK: Border Crisis ‘Worst in History’

Former President Trump spoke with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton about the current state of the border. How does he think it’s going? Not so good.

BUCK: I just want to know, we had Kamala just barely beat you to the border. Now, she’s the border czar. You’re not the border czar right now. We want to know how you think the border situation is unfolding. Is it the worst it’s ever been? Is that fair to say?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: In history, absolutely. You know, they were saying it’s the worst in 20 years. I say (laughing), “What are you talking about, 20 years? It’s by far the worst in history.” And seven months ago, it was the best in history. It was the best we’ve ever had. That included drugs. That included human trafficking where we had it very strongly stopped.

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