TRUMP GOES OFF! The Don Blasts ‘Radical Left Prosecutor,’ Torches ‘Weaponized’ Justice Dept.

Former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump unloaded on TRUTH Social over the weekend, blasting the special counsel “Radical Left Prosecutor” that was appointed to investigate him.

“The Polls are really strong, especially since Tuesday’s announcement, hence the appointment of a Radical Left Prosecutor, who is totally controlled by President Obama and his former A.G., Eric Holder. This is not Justice, this is just another Witch Hunt, and a very dangerous one at that! No way this Scam should be allowed to go forward!” Trump said on TRUTH.

“Our Country has never seen a Weaponized “Justice” Department, and FBI, like they are witnessing right now. They are doing everything they can, much of it unlawful, to protect an incompetent and corrupt President, and his drug-addicted criminal son. The system is Tainted and Rigged, just like our Elections are Tainted and Rigged, and just like our Border is for sale to the highest bidder, OPEN, and a disgrace to humanity. In the meantime, our Country is failing at a level never seen before!!!”