TRUMP: Boycott DirectTV if They Remove OAN, ‘Don’t Let it Happen’

Former President Donald Trump is calling for a boycott of DirectTY after the service announced they would no longer be carrying OAN (One America News) as part of its programming.

“If AT&T/DirecTV cancels OAN, I hope that everyone will boycott and cancel DirecTV,” Trump said in a statement issued on Tuesday. “It is a very popular channel, far more popular than most would understand, and they are being treated horribly by the Radical Left lunatics running the networks.”

Trump added OAN’s “voice is being shuttered.”

“Don’t let it happen, cancel DirecTV,” the former president said. “If you feel infringed by what this Communist movement is doing, cancel DirecTV!” 

According to the Hill, “DirecTV is OAN’s largest distributor with the vast majority of its revenues reportedly coming from its current deal. Other cable providers like Verizon Fios and smaller carries have kept OAN, and it is available to stream online through KloudTV.”

Last month, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) canceled his DirectTV subscription after learning that they would no longer be carrying OAN, saying “Why give money to people who hate us?”