TRUMP BLASTS BIDEN’S ‘PROPAGANDA BOARD’: ‘Highly Partisan,’ Run By ‘Left-Wing Lunatic’

Former President Donald Trump took aim at the Biden Administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board at a recent event in Greenwood, Nebraska. Trump calls the board a “brazen” and “desperate” attempt at censorship.

“Last week, the Biden administration announced they’re creating a so-called Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security run by a highly partisan, left-wing lunatic who tried to convince people that the Russia hoax was true and that the Hunter Biden laptop information was put out by Russia,” Trump said.

“Nothing happens to ANTIFA, to Black Lives Matter,” he noted, adding, “It’s like we have two different countries – it’s so unfair,” Trump continued.

“When Republicans take back Congress, the first thing they will do is defund this ridiculous propaganda board, fire the left-wing censors and terminate their outrageous violations of our First Amendment rights.”

Thousands turned out to watch the former President speak.